Organizational Development

Shaping an Organization

Our organizational development specialists can review your organization’s key performance indicators and total capacity, and then help you plan the most effective path to increasing your organization’s performance.

Our review will involve your employees, assess current capabilities, analyze pay scales and existing job description, offer performance programs and compensation plans, recommend staff and leadership development where necessary, and include a review of your current policies and handbooks.

JOC can identify your teams’ strengths and weaknesses by identifying ways to improve upon the dynamics, diversity and problem solving and communication skills. We will then build custom approaches that will shape your teams into finely tuned performance groups that achieve your organizational goals.

We will work directly with you to ensure that your organizational structure is aligned with your current strategic plan, if you have one, or with any plans you have for the future of your organization.

Once this landscape is fully identified, we will recommend ways JOC can help you plan and implement capacity building and performance improvement within your organization. Our organizational development specialists are experts at the methods and best practices that will guide your organizational development.