Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Process

Our Strategic Planning process leads your organization to concretely identify the vision and mission to which your organization aspires, as well as to the operational goals and objectives that make your vision and mission attainable. We work with you and your leadership to adjust our process for optimum results in your setting.

Once all data is gathered through a Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats (SWOT) Analysis, we analyze the data and draw important conclusions. We document the data gathered, provide our analysis of the data, and present our findings through facilitated meetings. JOC then provides a detailed report to your leaders who are engaged in the strategic planning process.

After the data and analysis are presented, we move right into collaboratively discussing the strategic plan. Our team will take time to refine the plan that your leaders have developed. Furthermore, we can then assist you with organizational implementation of the plan and with the change management support that can help assure implementation success.