The Solopreneur Tool Kit

The Solopreneur Tool Kit


One Time Fee   

"The Solopreneur Tool Kit" 


3 Month Business Building Checklist

DOES NOT Include Consulting Session


How To Set Your Business Purpose

How To Stand Out With A Strong "Point of View"

How To Know Who Your Clients Are

How To Do Market Research To Validate Your Ideas

How To Talk About What You Do In A Way That Makes Sense

How To Create Content to Attract Your People 

How To Create Website + A Mailing List

How To Pitch Yourself For Interviews...How To Invite Poeple To Work With You...Host Free "Facebook Lives" And Webinars

How To Package Your Products & Services...&...The Importance Of Creating An Opt-In-Freebie

***************PACKAGE INCLUDES "6 PIECE BONUS"...LISTED BELOW!!!***************

Small Business Plan Template

Business Plan Powerpoint Template

Marketing Plan Template

200 Sales Hunting Tips

100 Inbound Marketing Content Ideas

100 Ideas That Changed Marketing

***************PACKAGE INCLUDES "14 Amazing Sales & Marketing Ebooks"...LISTED BELOW!!!***************

Internet Marketing For Newbies

Internet Marketing Bible

10 Internet Marketing Strategies

Internet Marketing  Metrics

Internet Marketing Pitfalls

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing Tips And Tricks

Sales Psychology

100 Ways To Increase Sales

365 Powerful Sales Methods

Building Your Sales Funnel

How to Write Internet Sales Pages That Sell

Grow Your Business With Sales Funnels

How To Write High Response Sales Letters

***The Do It Yourself Solopreneur Toolkit DOES NOT Include Consulting Session***

(Consulting Session Avail for Addtl Fee)